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Deb DiSandro—A Sought-After Humor Keynote Speaker

Keynote speaker

Deb's mission: to unborify business talks

Custom keynotes & corporate presentations

Conferences, Annual Meetings, Summits, Corporate Events, Leadership Events, Sales Events

Deb DiSandro is not your typical business speaker. She brings simple, applicable solutions to today’s business challenges in an entertaining way so that attendees put down their phones to really listen, laugh, and learn.

Delivering relevant, researched content is what most keynote speakers do, but combining that with humor and audience-interaction, so attendees can retain, remember, and apply the concepts to their day-to-day work life – is what Deb does!

But even more so, she will make your job easy, because she has the unique ability to listen to organizational challenges and give you a fresh perspective along with easy-to-implement solutions. No diva drama here- Deb has an easy-to-work-with style!

In her customized keynotes and training sessions, Deb combines the 3 intelligence skills most needed to survive and thrive in today’s business world. CQ, EQ & HQ

Whether your organization needs a speaker for a break from heavy-content or wants to raise the roof on training for internal and external communication skills, Deb has you covered!

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Keynote Topics

Deb’s customizable keynotes are ideal for the opening, closing or smackdab in the middle of your industry meeting or event. If you want to lower blood pressures and raise endorphins so that your group can laugh, relax, and remember the information long after the annual meeting, you want Deb!

In addition to keynotes, Deb can provide your organization with Communication and Presentation Skills training. Just tell us what you are looking for!

Deb's most requested programs can be customized for your company. Looking for a keynote different from below? Reach out to Deb to see what she can customize for you.

Unborify Your Business Talk
Don't just say it, SLAY IT!™

Alert: This is not your typical presentation training! Be prepared for Deb’s silly, sassy and wild ways to communicate so anyone you speak to will want to listen and work with you! Deb’s trademark speaking methods will have you laughing while learning simple, fun tools for shining on any stage

In one hour your group will learn:

  • How to unborify your talk so people will put their phones down and listen!
  • Deb’s trademark SLAY IT method for crafting a memorable presentation.
  • The 6 elements of great writing that belongs in any talk.
  • How to turn a 60 second promo into a Ted Talk or Signature Business Talk.
  • How to add humor even if you your funny bone is kaput!

Deb’s presentation training is ideal for business groups who use speaking to grow their business, sales teams and account reps who must present to their clients and speakers who want to get paid and referred again and again.

Everything's Great, Now Change It!

This keynote is one of Deb’s most requested programs. It’s a change-management talk like you’ve never seen before! She will demonstrate how anyone can learn to pivot with panache in challenging times.

Filled with her trademark humor and well-researched content, Deb will uncover the often funny reasons we resist change and how attendees can overcome this obstacle with emotional intelligence, a fresh perspective, and simplified solutions for dealing with the changes necessary for expansion and evolution – both professionally and personally.

In one hour, your team or members will,

  • Understand the innate reactions we all have to change and the brain science behind it. Many ahas, and ha-ha’s are experienced here.
  • Learn a simple, yet powerful method for overcoming knee-jerk reactions, so anyone an respond with EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and HQ (Humor Intelligence)
Interact, laugh, engage with each other and learn to adapt to changes with Deb’s easy-to-implement tools and tips.

Say Yes, To The Stress!

Who says stress is bad for you? Not Deb! In this program she brings out her neuro-geekiness to share the positive side of stress and the peculiar brain science behind it. You will experience the fun part of stress and learn news ways to talk to yourself – when no one is looking, of course.

In one hour your attendees will:

  • Understand the difference between Eustress and Distress signals in the brain and how to manage both in any work situation.
  • How goals and productivity can be more easily achieved when you know the science behind it.
  • Learn how to become palsy-walsy with discomfort so they can overcome challenges.
  • Communicate On Purpose, so teams and groups can collaborate with more productivity and efficiency.
  • Embrace the easy-to-implement concepts long after the meeting or conference ends.

This keynote is ideal for all-company meetings, women’s groups and chambers of commerce.

Corporate Training

Deb has found the best way to offer company and team-based training in Communication and Presentation Skills is to customize the content. That is why she begins her training proposal with a complimentary interview, designed to target the particular challenges of each team, individual or company-wide event.

Areas of expertise include Communication Styles (DISC), Emotional Intelligence and it's missing link, Humor Intelligence, Building Confidence and Assertiveness, Presentation Skills and Brand Storytelling, along with individual and group coaching.

Deb is excited to share that she is an Everything Disc authorized trainer and partner. She can customize the critical skills needed in any industry to fit your specific needs and challenges. Her facilitation programs are centered around CQ (Communication Intelligence)

Customized keynotes and training on:

  • Agile EQ and the missing link in EQ that isn’t talked about but critical to success
  • Workplace Teamwork: How create a happy team with big results.
  • Sales Styles in the Workplace
  • Work of Leaders: How to lead with purpose and strategy
  • Hooray, we have conflict: Why conflict is critical to a company’s success

Just how far will Deb go to inspire her audience to take action?

Far enough to come out as her alter ego, the Slightly Off Superwoman!

Woman’s business groups beware- she may be too relevant, funny and bossy for your own good!

Warning: Superwoman only appears on rare occasions these days and must be wooed with extra love and attention and a standing ovation. (Funny how it always ends up that way!)

Deb DiSandro, humor speaker.

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Testimonial for Deb DiSandro, public speaker.
Deb is fantastic at customizing her work to meet the clients' needs. She is funny, engaging and able to teach valuable lessons while keeping the audience engaged.
Laurie Guest
Customer Service Specialist
Testimonial for Deb DiSandro, public speaker.
Within moments of taking the stage Deb captures the hearts of every audience. Her speeches and workshops deliver powerful messages, thought-provoking insights, and timely material. Deb's humor and authentic personality keeps audiences engaged, and her provocative insights keeps them laughing, crying, and experiencing life changing "AhHa" moments.
Marla Tabaka
Business Coach
Testimonial for Deb DiSandro, public speaker.
Deb is a delightful comedian and writer with a real creative sense.
Cyndi Maxey
National Speaker & Author
Testimonial for Deb DiSandro, public speaker.
Deb’s presentation was fast-paced, interactive, and filled with fun.
Dr. Michele Bruno
Fairview Dental
Testimonial for Deb DiSandro, public speaker.
I laughed until I cried...and I couldn't stop.
Keynote Attendee
Testimonial for Deb DiSandro, public speaker.
Deb had the audience in stitches.
Keynote Attendee