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Deb DiSandro—Helping You Tell Your Story

Public Speaking Coach

Ready to get over your fear of public speaking?

Speak Locally to increase visibility, credibility and connection

The biggest mistake business professionals make when they have an opportunity to speak is that they think it is about what they do, not about what the audience needs.

How do you build connection and trust? Speak Up, but not about your business, about their business. Deb will show you why the kiss of speaker death is talking about your business, before making a connection.

Today she collaborates with Entrepreneurs and executives to create Signature Talks, Tedx Talks, and Brand Stories to build their business.

Working with a client as a public speaking coach.

Own your time in the spotlight

Speaking in front of an audience doesn't have to be scary anymore. Deb DiSandro can help you shake the nerves and deliver a killer speech or presentation.

Deb's unique training will help you:

  • Overcome stage fright
  • Use visualization techniques to get rid of fear
  • Find your authentic speaking style
  • Learn how to move onstage and handle a microphone
  • Add humor to get your audience laughing
  • Write and polish a speech of up to 15 minutes (if needed)

Learn how to tell a story

Strategic storytelling is a hot topic these days, and it's changing how we do business in the U.S. and around the world. With consumers feeling inundated by sales messages and ads every day, how do you make your corporation or small business stand out?

By telling a story.

Humans are naturally drawn to a good story. Being able to tell a compelling story that appeals to the hearts and minds of your ideal customers is the only way to win in today's oversaturated world, and Deb DiSandro has helped countless companies figure out how.

Deb's 30+ years of experience as a professional speaker, humorist, columnist, and consultant have given her a unique skillset when it comes to business storytelling training.

Throughout a series of in-person or phone sessions, she can help you:

  • Identify a few different storylines that you could use strategically in your business
  • Connect the dots between them
  • Craft your story to best appeal to your target audience
  • Add humor that will win over your market

When working with Deb as a public speaking coach, you'll walk away with a final, polished story that you can start using in your business immediately—and you'll gain lifelong business-storytelling skills that you can use as your company grows.

Coaching Packages

Beginner Package

If you are new to speaking, this package is for you!
In these private coaching sessions, you will:
  • Write and create your signature business story
  • Learn 3 tools to help you build your confidence when speaking on stage
  • Receive a simple format for preparing and crafting a business speech

Business Professional Package

If you are an entrepreneur, own your own business or speak at work, this package is for you!
In these private coaching sessions, you will:
  • Create a Business Speech which highlights you and your business
  • Create 2 business stories
  • Learn tools for presenting with confidence
  • Learn a simple formula and method for writing speeches

TEDx Package

If you are comfortable speaking and feel ready to take on the TED stage, this package is for you!
In these private coaching sessions, you will:
  • Find your idea worth sharing
  • Prepare for application process
  • Craft and create your video for Tedx Applications
  • Once you are selected, you will receive 6 additional hours of writing and coaching on your talk.

Meet Karen

Karen Ellenbecker worked with Deb one-on-one to refine and craft her story to develop a TedTalk.

Meet Cynthia

Cynthia Flynn was working on a book and having difficulties finding her voice and organizing her material. Deb helped Cynthia with all her questions.

Meet Jordon

Jordon's team was struggling with speaking confidence. Deb helped the team become more thoughtful and knowledgable about their communication style.

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Testimonial for Deb DiSandro, public speaker.
Deb is a smart, creative storyteller who coaches others with empathy.
Alexandra Smith
USA Today Network
Testimonial for Deb DiSandro, public speaker.
I would recommend Deb to anyone who wants to take their presentations up a notch, book more speaking gigs to promote their business, or conquer stage fright.
Molly McCowan
Inkbot Editing
Testimonial for Deb DiSandro, public speaker.
Working with Deb to craft my storytelling art was fun and impactful. She has a style unlike any other coach I've met before.
Alison Proffit
Founder of Proffit Coach