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Lighten Up Your Industry Meeting with Deb

Everyone will thank you! 

With more than 30 years of experience as a motivational speaker across the U.S., Deb DiSandro's custom keynote speeches always include what she calls The Three L's: you'll laugh, you'll learn, and you'll leave, ready to take on today's challenges with a fresher outlook and a renewed mindset. 

Looking for a motivational speaker who will show your guests a great time and get them laughing while also teaching them how to take the lead on an issue in their own lives or careers? You've come to the right place.

Deb works directly with you to craft a keynote speech that speaks directly to your specific audience's wants, needs, and—perhaps most importantly, sense of humor.

Deb calls herself a business humorist, but don’t let that fool you. Her content combines evidence-based research and 30-plus years of working with clients and organizations in such industries as finance, communications, healthcare, education, and government. 

Deb's keynotes are perfect for: Corporations, associations, or small business owners at conferences, annual meetings or summits, corporate events, or leadership and sales events.

I laughed until I cried…and I couldn’t stop.
— Recent keynote attendee

Featured Keynote

Humor: The Competitive Edge

In business, a lot of thought is given to things like emotional intelligence, better systems and employee training, retention, sales, and everything else companies need to run efficiently and drive sales.

But something's missing in this equation: humor.

In this engaging, thought-provoking keynote speech, Deb DiSandro enlightens business changemakers about why humor will help them amplify sales, build stronger teams, and transform company culture for the better. 

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Deb had the audience in stitches.
— Recent keynote attendee

Recent Business Keynotes

Humor: The Key to Emotional Intelligence

Everyone thinks raising emotional intelligence is the key to building strong business relationships, but Deb shares why adding humor and laughter is the secret sauce. She shares tips on how to raise your "humor quotient" in addition to your emotional intelligence to diffuse tension, build more cohesive teams, and reduce stress.

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Say Yes to Stress

In this neuroscience-based talk, Deb puts the funny in brain science (bet you didn’t know there was funny in brain science!) and explains why stress can actually be beneficial when it’s directed in positive and empowering ways. 

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Super Support Staff to the Rescue

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s your own super heroes! Deb wants to uplift your support staff and help them see the vital role they play in a successful, high-functioning organization. She identifies them as super heroes in disguise and shares tips on how they can stay calm and collected in a chaotic world...most of the time.

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Recent Women's Keynotes

Lead with Your Purse-onality

As the leading (and only!) expert in the field of Purseology™, Deb has discovered that women’s purses say a lot about their communication styles and professional patterns. Her insightful look at the roles women play and the many purses they carry along the way has resulted in standing ovations across the country.

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In Purse-suit of Superwoman

Deb DiSandro draws a parallel between women’s purses and the “baggage” of responsibilities, burdens, and worries they carry. Women learn how to lighten the load in their purses and in their lives.

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From Frazzled to Fantabulous

In this lighthearted talk directed especially to working moms, Deb DiSandro shares a humorous look at how women can manage the demands of work and home while maintaining not only their sanity, but their sense of humor while still being their fantabulous selves in the process.

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Deb is a delightful comedian and writer with a real creative sense.
— Cyndi Maxey, National Speaker and Author
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Corporate Presentations

Deb DiSandro offers full- and half-day presentations designed for highly motivated teams, organizations, associations, and small business owners. 

Specializing in topics related to humor, transformative experiences, women-specific challenges and opportunities, and health.

Recent Presentations:

Using Storytelling to Perfect Your Pitch

Drive Sales with Strategic Storytelling for Corporations

Punch Up Your Presentations with Humor

Deb’s presentation was fast-paced, interactive, and filled with fun.
— Dr. Michele Bruno, Fairview Dental
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