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If you’d like to share a story, a big idea or a personal passion that you believe will help others, you want to Learn to Talk Like Ted. Ted Talks are viewed by millions of people every day, and many talks have gone viral. That’s because, Ted speakers have learned how to combine public speaking skills, storytelling and the special Ted formula into powerful presentations. You can do that too!


Get ready for a life-changing workshop experience. . .

In this Talk Like Ted workshop you will learn:

1. The key components in a winning TEDX Talk

2. The essential ingredients in powerful storytelling 

3. How to craft and present with passion and purpose

4. How to use your Ted Talk to boost your business

5. How to write and speak with creativity and clarity

6. How to submit and audition for a Tedx Talk

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Deb brings her talents as a national speaker, award-winning storyteller, author, humor columnist, and comedian. She connects your Story with your TED-style idea to make it meaningful, and memorable. Drawing on 30-years of storytelling and presenting, Deb will guide you every step of the way! 

I'm so honored to share that I was just selected to give a talk with Tedx UWMilwaukee! I will share with you all the insider secrets to this process. I can’t wait to begin working with you! -Deb

You will have the opportunity to develop your idea, find your major take away, ask questions and interact with other participants to hone your talk and learn:

1. The 5 different types of TED Talks you can give, so you can be sure yours fits the theme

2. The 7 requirements that must be present for a TED Talk to be accepted.

3. Your personal presentation super-power that will allow you to stand out.


Downloadable Workbook to use for future presentations

1 20-minute private coahing session with Deb!


Deb guided me every step of the way from choosing a story, crafting the details, tweaking it, adding extra humor, tweaking, rehearsing it, tweaking some more and finally, presenting it to an audience. Deb made the experience fun and educational, sharing practical guidelines that will enable me to create more stories and connect with future audiences. Alisa Rindels, Independent sales director


Deb DiSandro shared her years of experience in a storytelling workshop that helped me create and develop a story at the heart of my business.  She helped me paint a beautiful picture with my words on the human animal bond and health intuition that was entertaining learning for the audience -Jennifer Holmes, K9 Fitness Works


Deb is a pleasure to work with. She’s a smart, creative storyteller and is able to coach others with empathy while helping them to effectively communicate their message. -Alexandra Smith, Former Storyteller Coach and writer at The Coloradoan Newspaper, Fort Collins, CO - alexandraleighsmith@gmail.com


Note: Deb is not sponsored or affiliated with Ted or Tedx - She just loves helping people write and craft their stories and ideas so they can share them with the world.