How Deb Works

Here are 5 things you can forget about when working with Deb DiSandro:

1. Forget about ho-hum.

From the page as a humor columnist and author to the stage as a professional speaker, Deb entertains while she educates. Her presentation style is focuses on transformative concepts delivered with humor and designed to inspire and motivate positive change.

2. Forget about diva drama.

The only demand Deb has when she works with you is demanding the best of herself. Deb supports you in bringing the type of keynote, presentation, or training workshop that your members, staff, organization, or association needs.

3. Forget about fake.

The minute Deb steps onto the platform, she connects with members of your audience in a genuine and caring way. Her authenticity shines through as she shares her own mistakes and demonstrates how to rise above them.

4. Forget about fluff.

Just because Deb will be fun, doesn’t mean her 30 years of experience as a professional speaker will lack substance. Deb shares proven content that's tailored to fit your theme. She will also meet the key objectives you have for your opening, closing, or break-out speaker.

5. Forget about the same-old, same-old.

Deb couldn’t do “typical speaker” if she tried! Forget dry bullet points, wordy PowerPoint slides, and dull handouts. Deb designs a program that addresses these challenges and delivers an engaging, fun presentation that hits the key points you want to address.